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About Old George, MA

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Hi everyone and welcome to my Wofety website.

Old George

Some words about my person:
After High School I started an apprenticeship at “STEYR TRUCKS”, Austria for becoming a car technician.
But as being a passionate musician I decided to attend the “Guard’s Music Chorps” when I did my military service in Vienna. I got used of that time in order to study the Jazz-Saxophone at the Conservatory of Vienna. After that I became a music teacher in our governmental school system. (I LOVE Big Band Music and I LOVE Count Basie, Frank Sinatra & Co.!)

Soon I started learning again. Doing studies in most everything I was interested in 🙂
Commercial College (with distinction); University studies in Sociology and Psychology; certified mediator; certified master-/personal coach; Human Resources-Generalist; PPL (Private Pilot Licence); was an Amazon Seller; a.s.o.
In my private life I married, got 2 wonderful boys, planted a tree ( 🙂 ) and built a beautiful house by myself.

After divorce (bcs. of being bounded to learning so much) I married again 15 years later, bought an old house and decided to widen up my internet interests.

Nowadays it seems that they don’t need guys like us – with wide spread knowledge. The more you know in just ONE topic, the better.
So I decided to share my knowledge and thoughts with you – maybe it’s useful for someone out there :-). I’m looking forward to have fun when it’ll come to dialogue between guys like us.

So please don’t mind if you find some grammar issues…originally I’m from the country where Schwarzenegger came from! Haha

As being a trained car technician I have been working in a big car- and truck-concern. The topic “work safety” has always occupied us due to the fact that work accidents happened now and then. Although majority of the accidents were not really life threatening most of them could have been avoided by just investing a small amount in work safety items.

And this small amount would have been certainly less then the costs of a hospital stay. Not to mention the impact of a work accident to family life. So much valuable family time many of my colleagues lost only because of a little accident at their job or with their hobby-work. But we were young those times 🙂 and the safety opportunities have just been started considering to be honest.

Now I want to help people protecting themselves in order to stay healthy and happy.

A Few Sentences About a Personal Impact

When my father was a young guy (OK that’s a long time ago 🙂 ) he had a work accident in which he slipped and lost one of his fingers in a machine. Actually it was his right index finger. One can say that is not so bad – and that’s OK so far. But in this particular accident he could have even lost his life. And that made me being alert at my work all the time. And using work protection things. Guess what – no accident so far. For the last 40 years in the meanwhile. So let me knock on wood buddies 🙂

Time Has Changed

Fortunately time has changed and opportunities for protecting people have dramatically increased. New ideas, new materials, new job challenges have led to a lot of little or bigger things which can really help to make lives safer and people healthier. But only if you actually take advantage of them of course.

Even little things can have a major influence in protection your body. And in my opinion and due to my experiences its always worth having an eye on safety.
So I deciced to be specialized in shoe and boot covers, shoe protectors and so on.

Safety at its best

That’s the purpose of this website. Provide working people with information and some items being useful in order to stay healthy and using their valuable spare time for being with their family or doing whatever they want.

So have fun with your work and stay healthy! 🙂

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Old George

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