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Moroccan Argan Oil Benefits

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Argan Fruit

Argan Tree

Argan oil is a very popular product nowadays.

And there are reasons for. It’s a very nutritious, natural oil that is very healthy in addition.
I prefer to use it for my skin. This is the reason why you find this article in the category work safety.
I my experience it is extremely helpful using it especially with my feet.

Some are using it for other purposes like their hair as well.
Some are really exaggerating so that they have to go to a garage for an oil change. That’s too much indeed 🙂

But let’s be serious…

Things we should need to know about the Moroccan gold

Argan oil is said to have all sorts of positive properties. The oil is one of the most valuable of its kind. We clarify the effects and applications of skin, hair and health – so you can benefit from the many properties of argan oil.

Argan oil: exclusive and valuable

Argan fruits on the tree

Argan oil is made from the nuclei of the argan tree – or argania spinosa – which today grows only in southwestern Morocco. A few years ago the area was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. The trees may still be used, but no longer be felled – because the argan tree is threatened with extinction. It is one of the oldest trees and can be up to 450 years of age. It is also called the “tree of life” by the Moroccan population.

The Argan trees are the basis of life for the Moroccan Berbers. Traditionally Berber women make the precious argan oil. The production can take up to twenty hours for one liter of oil. The extraction of the cores is extremely difficult, because the tree is full of thorns. Therefore, the Berber women wait for the fruit to fall from the tree and collect it from the ground later.

After that, the fruits must be dried in the sun. Only then they can expose the seeds of the fruit. In the kernels, in turn, there are usually three small seeds from which the argan oil is extracted. Before harvesting the oil, the kernels are roasted in some cases. That’s why the oil gets a very special taste.

Due to the complex manufacturing process, the price of argan oil is rather high. For one liter of argan oil we can expect about 90 to 120 Dollars or even more. That is why it is also known as the “Gold from Morocco”.

Argan Fruit

Worth knowing about argan oil

The beneficial properties of argan oil are not limited to one field of application. Argan oil is versatile and appeals to both gourmet cooks and beauty experts. To keep our argan oil for a relatively long time, we store it in a cool, dry and well-protected place. So it lasts up to 18 months.

Argan oil: These are the active ingredients

Argan oil contains many important ingredients and active ingredients that have a health-promoting effect on the body. Up to 80 percent of the oil is made up of unsaturated fatty acids. These are vital for humans. We cannot produce these by ourselves –so we must eat them.

About 3 percent of our daily food should be covered by unsaturated fatty acids. With its 80 percent, however, argan oil is rather mediocre compared to other oils.

Nonetheless, argan oil is full of some other powerful ingredients. Antioxidants protect the body from free radicals. In addition, the vitamin E variant gamma-tocopherol is present in high concentration. Argan oil is different from other edible oils because of its active ingredient.

Sterols such as spinasterol and schottenol are also rare and are particularly in the focus of scientists because of their powerful properties. Active ingredients such as quercetin have cell-protecting, anti-inflammatory and hypertensive effects. There are also flavonoids that have an antibacterial effect.

Argan oil as a remedy

Argan oil can be used as a remedy because of these powerful ingredients and active ingredients. Spinasterol and Schottenol are intended to protect against breast and prostate cancer. In combination with tocopherols, which strengthen the immune system, a cancer-preventing effect is said to be detected.

In addition, a Spanish study found out that argan oil can have a positive effect on blood glucose levels and blood pressure. Argan oil can even protect against diabetes.

The Moroccan Berbers also know about the healing powers of argan oil. They use it for the treatment of the stomach and intestinal complaints, for heart and circulatory diseases, skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis and acne, and for the care of sunburn. However, argan oil is also effective for rheumatism, joint pain, hay fever and allergies.


What I recommend…

Argan oil benefits skin and body care

The cosmetic effect of argan oil is known worldwide. Many people swear on argan oil as a skin care product. Above all, the anti-aging effect of argan oil is widely appreciated. Antioxidant like the highly concentrated Vitamin E protects the skin and eliminates free radicals.

This keeps the skin supple and firm. Argan oil has a special effect during menopause. The skin loses its elasticity as the level of estrogen decreases. Argan oil can counteract this process by using highly concentrated tocopherols. A Moroccan study found out that elasticity could be restored by ingesting and applying argan oil externally.

Even existing skin damage can be repaired with the help of antioxidant. The carotenoid contained in argan oil can protect the skin from harmful UV rays and preserve the radiance of the skin. Argan oil can prevent both inflammation and wrinkles.

Due to the high content of unsaturated fatty acids, argan oil can moisturize the skin without affecting the body’s own functions. Furthermore, it can promote skin metabolism and regulate the moisture balance in the cells. Especially dry skin benefits from the positive properties of argan oil.

However, as it has little fat effect on the skin, it can also be used by other skin types and for body care. It is particularly suitable for the treatment of cellulite and stretch marks during pregnancy. The oil can penetrate deep into the skin and thus reach deeper skin layers.


What I recommend…

Argan oil benefits hair

Hair also benefits from regular use of argan oil. The linoleic acid contained in argan oil protects against hair breakage and provides elasticity and resilience. Sometimes argan oil can even accelerate hair growth and prevent hair loss. Therefore, it is found as an additive in many hair products such as shampoos, rinses and hair treatments. But we can use the pure oil also as hair oil to get shiny and healthy hair.

By massaging the clean oil into our scalp, we can soothe dandruff and irritated scalp. This promotes blood circulation and can prevent new dandruff. Especially for hair we recommend the following argan oil:


What I recommend…

Argan oil for consumption

Argan oil is also popular in kitchens. Especially gourmet cooks like to work with the precious oil. Since the price of the oil is rather high, it is used less for searing but rather for refining food. The oil has a nutty taste and therefore goes very well with salads and vegetables, but is also used to refine meat and fish dishes. Usually the oil is used very sparingly. In gourmet kitchens, like Caviar, argan oil is found among exclusive ingredients. In addition, we’ve got the health benefits of argan oil, which make it even more valuable.

Tip: The nutty and aromatic note the oil got through the previous roasting of the kernels. To get benefit from the full flavor of the oil we should pay attention to this detail when buying. The following argan oil is particularly suitable for cooking:

Argan oil – no side effects

Argan oil is very compatible. Various studies have investigated possible side effects of the oil. Even with strong overdose no reactions could be detected. Therefore, the oil is considered free of side effects. This is also because the oil is not burdened by additives and toxins.

It is a pure natural product. However, we should be careful with a nut allergy. It may occasionally come to irritation if used on the skin. Also, with skin diseases irritation of the skin can occur. However, these may also be initial exacerbations that are related to the healing process of the skin.

Buy argan oil: You should pay attention

First of all: Don’t buy bottles with a spray head – argan oil is too viscous!

If we want to buy high-quality argan oil, we will find the best and purest quality in organic food or certified organic products in conventional (online) trade, such as Amazon. Here we can be sure that no environmental toxins and additives are included in the product. We also should make sure that no other oils are added.

This lowers the quality of the product. The Highest quality is reached if argan almond is ground by stone mill. Mechanical processes can also affect the quality of the oil. With a fair trade seal we can be sure that the oil was traded fairly and a decent wage was paid.

Argan oil can also be bought in capsules as a dietary supplement. So we can enjoy the health benefits of the precious oil without taking a spoonful of argan oil daily. When we buy such supplements, we should pay attention to the quality of the product. Cheap variants are likely to contain many additives and therefore affect the effect of the oil.

Argan oil: Is it worth the hype?

Many scientists are rather skeptical about the trend around argan oil. Regarding ingredients, the Moroccan oil is rather less different from other conventional oils. The difference in price is due to the elaborate manufacturing process. If we compare the oil with other oils, they may even be better in some areas.

For example, although olive oil contains less linoleic acid, the percentage of oleic acid in olive oil is much higher. The widely promoted and highly concentrated vitamin E content of argan oil is found in similar concentrations in other oils, according to the Swiss Society for Nutrition.

Although argan oil contains almost twice as much vitamin E as olive oil, it cannot compete with wheat germ oil, which contains more than three times as much vitamin E as argan oil.

Anyone who believes that argan oil is a panacea is likely to be disappointed. Although it has got many positive properties and is very good for hair, skin care and for consumption, we should not expect any miracles. In recent years, argan oil has increasingly been marketed as superfood.

Only a few decades ago the international market came into our view. The oil exudes an exotic and exclusive charm which is probably why it so popular. Nevertheless argan oil is a brilliant, healthy, natural product.

If you do have any questions or suggestions (maybe about some tricks you know) please don’t hesitate to write a comment about! Let me know it!
I love to hear about “special tricks” how to fix something or so… sometimes they are really helpful but in any case mostly funny!


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