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Barbecue for Smoker and Griller – Safety Tips

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See below why you really should follow the rules you will read here 🙂
And these are only peanuts compared to the video at the bottom of this page! 🙂 Guys take care, really!



When winter wears off nicely and the sun gets stronger – when early flowers show up in the meadow and birds begin to sing, then it’s time. It’s time to get the griller or smoker out of the garage, clean it, check it and bring it back to its regular place in the garden. Coming up with some summer barbecue party ideas…

BBQ is for the delight of the grill master and for a culinary highlight of his guests.

Who wouldn’t enjoy the smell of barbecue smoke drifting across the lawn, spreading the unique scent of the upcoming barbecue. Isn´t it enough to make anyone’s mouth watering?

In most cases, the lady of the house is in advantage. There is no need to cook and she is spoiled by her husband. Nevertheless, the “less important” tasks are left to the wife – such as shopping the entire food, preparing the salads and sauces, preparing the table and usually playing as the waitress. What a comfortable day for the woman! 🙂

The man plays the most important role. He has the most responsible task. Namely to light up the fire and keeping it alive. Holding a beer and the barbecue tongs, putting the meat on the grill and turning it now and then. Of course without burning the meat! So please ladies … you should admit – this is a BIG responsibility! 🙂

But it’s also nice to watch a real proud king; wearing a grill apron and his cap just like a crown.

My dear ladies – please let us enjoy these moments. We feel like “real men” if we control the fire.
At the end we lit up the fire and roasted the meat of a “wild” animal –  even if it gets darker than expected. 🙂

Being serious

To make the grilling a real pleasure you should consider following points:

  • The choice of the right barbecue area is very important to consider
  • Outdoor barbecue grills and smokers should never stand on a flammable surface (such as a wooden plate, carpet, etc.)
  • In addition, it must have a firm footing
  • There should be enough space in between the barbecue and the dining area
  • It should ideally be placed in a way children don’t have direct access to the grill
  • Barbecue-Parties are also decorated accordingly – but no lanterns or any flammable things near the vicinity of the barbecue

On Fire! (maybe these are better 🙂 )

There is no agreement about the best way of setting the fire (kindle properly ..), but no matter what you choose, there are some things to keep in mind:

– When using charcoal, be sure to use dry grill lighters only

– Be careful using liquid accelerants such as alcohol or gasoline, devastating accidents may happen. Flames are uncontrollable and fastly attack on clothes

– It takes some time until coal got the perfect temperature

– Never make an “afterglow” by flammable liquid. The flames immediately reach the bottle, which can explode in the hand and cause life-threatening injuries.
Not only for the grill master, but also for bystanders

– Always use a fireproof grill apron and fireproof grilling gloves

– Only use long-style grill tools with heat-resistant handles

– Do not wear clothes with wide sleeves

– Always stay near the grill and never leave unattended

– The grill should always be extinguished after use, especially in windy conditions. Flying sparks can quickly set fire on a nearby field or nearby forest

– Sand or soil are best suitable for extinguishing. Water, on the other hand, can cause scalding due to immediate evaporation

– Dispose charcoal only when they are completely cold. Careless disposal can also quickly lead to fire

– Do not use paint solvents or thinners to remove stains. These are harmful to health and must not come into contact with food

Is a gas or electric grill less dangerous? No! Again, there are security measures:

– Before grilling, all hoses should be checked for leaks. Make sure that no gas is leaking

– Electric grills may only be connected in accordance with the regulations. Never pour water over the grill – there is a risk of a short circuit!

SOME ITEMS YOU MIGHT NEED… researched cutlery, gloves, etc…
>> go



– A bucket of water, a blanket or a fire extinguisher should always be within reach

– Keep children away from the grill because risks caused are often unpredictable!

– When fat drips on the fire it is necessary to extinguish immediately. Never use water otherwise it may explode, instead it is best to take sand or soil

– Despite all precautions, it can lead to burn injuries. In this case, you should immediately cool the affected areas with cold water or cooling pads. In addition, in severe burns,
the wound should be kept sterile and immediately be treated by a doctor

– In an emergency – in case of severe injuries or fires are no longer controllable, immediately alert the fire brigade (911)!

The Smoker (see my review here)

Barbecue and smokers often go together. But a smoker is different to a grill.

A barbecue smoker consists of different parts.

These include:

  • A fire box
  • A cooking chamber (mostly with thermometer)
  • A chimney
  • A wooden shelf

The fire is burning in a separated fire box which is usually side-mounted. There, the fire is ignited – then heat and smoke pass through the grilling chamber where the food is being placed.

Be cautious when handling: During hot smoking, smoke temperatures of approximately 60 to 100 degrees Celsius are generated. Be careful when turning the food and lifting the lids. All the safety measures of the grill should also be taken into account as long as they concern the smoker.

You maybe would like to have some additional stuff
like sauces, rubs, recipes, wood chops etc…CLICK HERE


Following the safety measures will lead to a great barbecue party. And of course most admiration will always be credited to a RESPONSIBLE grill master who understands the magic of juicy and flavor steaks.

And of course the lady of the house will be proud of her grill king and look forward to the next barbecue party.

Thank you!

Thank you for your time and patience in reading this really long article.
I hope I could give some interesting and useful information.
If you have any question or concern, please feel free to leave me a comment
below and I’ll be very happy to help you!

If you do have any questions or suggestions (maybe about some tricks you know) please don’t hesitate to write a comment about! Let me know it!
I love to hear about “special tricks” how to fix something or so… sometimes they are really helpful but in any case mostly funny! 🙂


PS: What you should NOT do when grilling… 🙂



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  1. Hi George,
    Thank for the info, it is very useful,
    who doesn’t just love to grill some BBQ , and sure when dealing with fire safety is very important,
    much appreciated.
    Best Regards

    1. Thanks very much Alex,
      Yes, many times we just skip the part regarding thinking of danger and lighten up the fire immediately.
      We underestimate danger often.

  2. What a nice post you wrote! I really enjoyed reading it and I could not be silent about your post so I decided to leave my comment here and say Thank You! For sharing this quality post with others.
    Actually this is exactly the information that I was looking for information about safety tips for barbecue and when I landed to your website and read this post, it answered all my questions in details.
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  3. Hi Sam,

    haha – that’s not a nice safe surrounding then…
    So keep an eye on your neighbor so that he wont set your house on fire! 🙂

    Thanks for your comment Samuel – some safe(ty) items will appear soon in the article! 🙂

    Old George

  4. Hi George

    Thank you for for taking the time to write this article.
    Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner. I found your article very helpful, and informative. I think I should email it to my neighbor he can really use some safety tips, you know that neighbor BBQ = Bonfire lol. Anywho just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your article.

    BBQ = Bonfire – How not to get 911 called on you. Lol might be a fun article for you to write and to read.

    Thanks again

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