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Emergency Cell Phones for Kids, Really?

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I remember well when we were children or teenagers and got along very well even without a mobile phone. Our parents often did not really know where we were but mostly we just met

These Days

friends. We did not have to call our friends to meet us, we just met.

Then we went into the forest together. Building stone huts or tree huts was our greatest passion. Or we were playing police and robbers. And afterwards we all came back home healthy.

For example, our neighbors had five children, all boys. They were enthusiastic fossil collectors. In the morning they went to the mountain which was almost on the doorstep of their house and collected stones.

One hour before lunch her mother came out of the house, blew into a loud whistle and all five boys were back home for lunch on time. Each of them with a backpack full of stones. A kind of emergency cell phones for kids where not necessary those times.

But nowadays ….. hmmm. I did some research for you linked below.

Those times are over and we are looking
for the best cell phones for kids

At the present time it goes far beyond the usual protection of the body.

Hearing protection, protective gloves, safety shoes, protective helmets and much more protect us from physical damage. In addition, we also have to take care of protection that saves us from different threatens that the virtual world of the Internet brings.

TextingToday almost every child already owns a mobile phone and communicates with their friends. Or they play an online game together. Of course not in a physically way. It is way enough if everyone stays at home and gets his “game-scores” right by their mobile phone.

If no friends are available kids also like to surf in the Internet and find new “friends” there. Without actual seeing them, without meeting them, without knowing who is actually sitting on the other end of the line.

Is it really a girl or is it a boy? Is the other one younger or older than he pretends? What are the actual intentions of the other person?

Mostly, these conversation or game partners are usually harmless but it has happened too often that cheaters have crept in and that have caused dire consequences.

That’s why parents are asked to take care of the safety of their kids more than ever once they’re surfing on the internet – whether by mobile phone or laptop.

Of course, it’s not all about controlling the kids. But with good enlightenment, quiet conversation and empathy kids can be taught well regarding what they should pay attention to when they frolic on the internet.

Some Data

  • There are already 77% of young people between the ages of 12 and 17 who own a mobile phone
  • But also children between 8 and 12 years already own a cell phone!
  • Of teens, 28% admit that they send inappropriate texts or pictures with their mobile phones, the dark figure is probably much higher
  • While driving a car, 75% of the teens text – and they admit that themselves!
  • Many parents are unsure about the age at which they should give a mobile phone to their child
  • 22% of these parents agree that 10 years would be an appropriate age

So what can parents do?

Kids With PhoneWhat to do when the kids ask, “Mom, Dad, can I have a cell phone please?”

Of course, it’s’s not easy to say “no” when all the other kids have a cell phone. And of course we do not want our children being excluded just because they do not have a phone.

Many of us have experienced this ordeal ourselves as children and adolescents.


Maybe a contract helps – here an example:

– My parents are great! They allow me to have a cell phone! But this phone is not mine, it still belongs to my parents

– Though nothing in life is free. Also, this mobile phone costs money. Not only the device itself but also every time I use it for phoning or texting.
I will appreciate this privilege

– I will not exceed my limit (a prepaid cell phone for kids or teens is a good idea here)

– I will also be careful of my phone and I know that I will not get a replacement if I break or lose it.

– I will never use this phone for inappropriate purposes

You can then go into more detail

Commitedand add the following:

– I will not bother anyone or send hurtful texts. I will discuss disputes with my friends in person

– After 9pm I will not use the phone anymore

– I will not hold inappropriate conversations

– I will never send inappropriate texts or photos

– At school I will stick to the mobile phone rules

– While driving a car, I will not use the phone

– My parents will be able to access my phone at any time and see who I wrote in the past or who I called.

– If I enter a security code, I will tell my parents the code or password.

– In return, my parents agree that they respect my privacy and only control my phone when they realize that I behave kind of suspicious

– I know that if I use it for too long or if my parents notice that I am more aggressive than usual, I have to give back my cell phone

– Should my grades deteriorate at school, my parents will keep the phone for me until I’ll be back to my normal performance at school

– I’ll be surfing the Internet exclusively with a “Safe Search Engine” on my phone (there are several Apps for downloading on the App Store or on Google Play,
you can even track your kids cell phone).

These are some examples of how to conclude a “mobile phone contract” with one’s children, not only to restrict their freedom but also to avoid exposing them to be excluded from the community (school, friends, association, etc.).

Being a parent is not easy 🙂 Should we control your children? Go here.

As being a parent you should also make sure that your children really use the phone only for the agreed time and no longer.Family Teamwork

Encourage your children to go out into fresh air or to meet “real” friends or to work with an association.

Also, look at the different apps (applications) your kids use on their phones in order to help them understand and give them support. Make sure the security settings on your child’s phone are always up to date.

Observe your child also in terms of conspicuous behavior such as being more aggressive, giving inappropriate and rude answers to their parents or increasing loneliness of the child because he/she no longer meets real friends.

Be aware of your responsibility and actually implement the rules of the contract. As long as the child or adolescent does not earn his own money to pay the cost of a cellphone you are entitled to demand the rules.

That happened to our daughter

I was personally interested in this topic because my wife and I have missed those things with our daughter.

The time we realized that she got increasingly withdrawn and didn’t meet her friends in the real world any more it was already too late. She spent more and more time just staying in her room.

She was already addicted to her cell phone.

In this sense, we wish you a lot of success during your children’s teenage and mobile phone time!

If we would have had devices like THIS – maybe we could have had protected her…

REVIEW of 2 Mobile Apps for protecting our children from serious harm regarding mobile phone usage.

Thank you!

Thank you for your time and patience in reading this article.
I hope I could give some interesting and useful information.
If you have any question or concern, please feel free to leave me a comment
below and I’ll be very happy to help you!

Warm regards,
Old George

12 thoughts on “Emergency Cell Phones for Kids, Really?

  1. Hey George,
    Wow! The first part of your article almost brought tears to my eyes because I miss those times as a child, playing outside, building forts, and using our imagination to play rather than looking at a computer screen.
    I know to co-exist with other people, it’s necessary now to have a cell phone, computer and wifi but I do miss the old times.
    I like your ideas of having a contract with your children about having a cell phone. At a certain age they are going to need one because of the society that they are in, but I agree that it is essential that parents monitor their child’s cell phone & internet time.
    Thanks for such a great article George!

    1. Hi Shiloh,

      thank you so much for your comment!
      It’s exactly what it is. Times are changing. But what calmes me down a bit is that already Sokrates complaint about the behaving of the youth 🙂 . So just the topics are new 🙂
      But the difference is that times change goes on much faster than those times.
      Today you can say that paradigms change 5-8 times within a generation. Whilest 100 ago you could live with 1 paradigm a lifelong.

      Thanks again and all the best!

  2. Hi George,

    I found this article very interesting and informative.I am sure I am not one of the “few parent” experiencing this problem. At first I was too hesitant to discuss this to my friends but the moment I have open up to them I have realized that this is the life of teenagers now, for them this is “millennial world” and being in controlled especially with their Cellphones or Computers is a big big NO and like big sin for parents to do. You are right, implementing these rules you have mentioned above the moment you will agree to them having Cellphones is a must for parents! These Rules should be strictly followed and be considered as responsibility, to let them know that this decision is a big move for parents! And having Cellphone is because we are trusting them that they must appreciate and prove to us-Parents that they are also willing to obey these rules as part of giving back respect!
    I hope this topic will convey more parents and children to share comments and opinions about Cellphone problems especially with Teenagers. This generation is far different from our generation before and it is very difficult to grasp how our young one`s attitude and behaviour nowadays…

    1. Hi Flory,

      thank you very much for sharing your opinion.
      I guess there are really a lot of parents AND grand-parents out there wha are really worried
      about the developement of the modern devices. But what can we really do?
      Doing nothing will also not solve the problem. But how to prevent our youth BEFORE it’s too late.
      That’s a big task for all of us I guess…

      Thanks a lot and all the best!
      Old George

  3. Great article! It is a big problem with these cellph., tablets, lap-tops. I grew up without all this staff, we played outside and our parents knew where are we. Now, I’m looking at my 4 years old grandson and as soon as he takes a cellph. ,he becomes as a zombie: does’t hear and doesn’t see around him.I’m not against cellph., tablets or lop -tops but parents should control more what kind of games kids play.
    I hope your article will spread on internet fast, people need this information!
    one more thing, your website is not secure, you need to ask Kyle fix this problem

    1. Hello Jidron,

      many thanks for your comment. It really seems to a wider problem we should discuss more about.

      Thanks for your tip as well!

      Old George

  4. Cell phone for children certainly has its advantages like tracking them where they are. This is to ensure their own safety being at the right places and hanging out with the friendly company. Nowadays there are many people who want to hurt kids and they are very good at it, a cell phone is one of the means they used to hurt kids online.

    We have heard or read adults encouraging kids with susceptible minds to commit something illegal, bullying them or even worst, encouraging them to commit suicide. So yes parents need to monitor and set certain guidelines/rules for their kids on cell phone usage.

    I got my first cell phone when I was able to talk coherently. The first-month phone bill blew through the roof ( can’t remember exactly the amount, but somewhere around $500. ) my parents took away my cell phone and I got banned from using a cell phone for like a month. That was a miserable experience lol. But I learned my lesson.

    1. Hi Ahearst,
      thx for your comment!
      Interesting to hear “the other side” as well. 🙂
      Cell phones, laptops and all that stuff is absolutely ok –
      thats how time goes. It’s all about the reasonable use
      of those devices to get the most profit (e.g. information)
      out of it…

      Old George

  5. Awesome post!
    As a parent myself, I can totally relate to the information you have presented here.
    Also, when we were kids, it is hard to imagine how well we managed without a cell-phone!!
    We have become so dependent on technology that sometimes we can overlook the actual human connection that does not need a device. Moreover, there are all sorts of influences that is taking a toll on kids health, radiation, body posture and the like.
    You would do great to highlight all this in your blog..
    All the Best!!

    1. Hi Zafar,
      many thanks for your reply!
      Yes you are right – there are so many new things out there that we
      don’t even know the effects on us. It’s really difficult to decide
      what to do first if you want to protect your children without
      totally control them. I gues we must learn to rely on our own
      way how we educated them and on them that they will not forget it 🙂
      Anyway thats a generation problem since genisis started 🙂

      Old George

  6. Hi George! Just wanted to tell you, I really appreciate the stance you took here. I literally just had this conversation with my fiancee the other night, and it’s true that there’s just no way around the new dynamic of kids and devices, other than moving into the woods and disconnecting.

    I agree 100% that the biggest importance now is TEACHING your kids about the dangers, as well as setting solid boundaries as parents. Even if that means putting parental controls on their phones that limit exposure and time allotment, if we just let them stare at the screen uninhibited, that’s EXACTLY what they will do. I’ve seen so many little robot kids that don’t even notice loud sounds around them, it’s just crazy.

    You have a great site and excellent subject matter, keep on doing what you’re doing. People need this information.

    Thanks, and I hope you have a great day!


    1. Hi Bobby,

      thank you very much for your reply.

      Yes, I totally agree. It’s really not easy when you kid stucks into the cell-phone thing.
      I even see children at the bus station every day. Every one with the phone – texting someone else
      – but not even talking a word with his/her neigbour. It’s sad.

      Old George

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