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How Mother Earth Dies Through The Global Climate Change

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Each society has got as much healthy environment as it is willing to work for!

Does global warming affect climate change? Yes it does! Climate change affects every one of us!

Whether we want to or not!

What is global warming and climate change?
What is the solution to climate change?
Some answers you will find right here and in upcoming articles!

Our life here on this earth is not a last rehearsal! It’s the concert!

I turn to all men who still can play pocket billiards and to all women who can step out of 50 gray shadows and want to act by themselves.

Global climate change can be turned!

For the equivalent of 2 beers or 3 coffees we can help to save ourselves already!

We cannot afford less!

Find out more below….

But first of all watch this video. It will blow your mind away if you don’t know that yet – and I guess you don’t know yet!
It was broadcast by Swiss TV in the year 1988! In words – Nineteen Ninety Eight ! ! Remember when watching!
You will not believe what you will see – I promise!
If you don’t understand the narrator please click HERE for the written text.

History: Ciba-Geigy ==> merge with Santoz ==> became Novartis in 1996 ==> part of BASF since 2008 (rough overlook)


Please don’t mind about grammar or pronunciation – sorry for that. Though, content is most important. Nature won’t mind! 🙂

Some scientists really dare to say that there is no global warming on climate change. Are they really serious or are they payed by lobbyists or industries? Or look at the Great Barrier Reef and climate change! No relations? Really?

We have to keep in mind that about 550 million square meters of rain forest are cut down every day. Tropical wood or the cleared areas are used for the production of paper, for transformation into oil palm plantations or soy plantations – and into cattle pastures. In addition, mineral resources such as gas, oil, gold or iron ore are exploited. Woods also have to give way to the construction of huge dams.

Around 432.9 square kilometers of forest are burned or cut down worldwide. Most of it in tropical countries like the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Indonesia and Brazil.
This amounts to 158,000 square kilometers per year.

We have to imagine that, if we even can do that at all.

This is larger than the area of the state of Georgia in the US! That makes 42 football fields per minute!

I may repeat: every day – every minute – an area equivalent to forty-two football fields is cut down.

You do not necessarily have to be a football player or the athlete of the year to understand these dimensions.

The tropical rain forest must be devastated pitifully, because of greedy state-owned and private companies who make immense profits with valuable tropical timber.

Or the area is cleared for huge plantations, so that products plant on it – or exploitation of mineral resources underneath it – are making huge sums of money. Of course, not for the residents, but for those who don’t get their neck full.

To top it all off, we are still faced with an additional problem. Very often tropical wood comes from trees of almost biblical age. It is called primary rain forest, which is cut down here. These trees have grown here for many hundreds of years, with no one ever having the idea of attacking these giants.

This creates two more big problems.

On the one hand, this exploitation destroys countless species animals forever, because they lost their habitat – thus they have disappeared forever from this planet.

On the other hand, trees, if replanted at all, no longer develop their original strength, height and size. This is called a secondary rain forest.


Hurricanes / Typhoon / Rain forest / Natural Disasters

In this article, we will focus specifically on environmental disasters that deal with the deforestation of the rain forest, the increasing environmental catastrophes and our seeming powerlessness.
Of course the Great Barrier Reef and climate change is correlated as well. And I will come back to this and other related topics in upcoming articles!

Let’s look at a picture first:
If you click on the pic you can find out the forest data from your area!

Now some relevant data, as found in the…
– UNO Disaster Risk Reduction Report (UNISDR),

– the largest insurance records,

– and the Global Forest Watch research.

All coincidence? All natural? All circulation? Do they really think we are stupid? Are we?? Look at the year axis!

Is global warming climate change?
No it is not! But does global warming affect climate change?
Yes it does!

UN report:

The number of natural disasters has increased rapidly

Flooding, storms, forest fires:

According to the UN report, natural disasters are becoming more common. In the past 20 years, for example, Germany was one of the countries with the highest loss figures regarding natural damages.

According to the UN report, natural disasters are increasing dramatically, and accordingly the damage they cause.

Between 1997 and 2017, 1.3 million people worldwide died as a result.

4.4 billion people suffered injuries or lost their livelihood.


The financial damages are immense!

Over the same period, costs up to $ 2.9 trillion Dollars arose, more than twice as high as in the period between 1978 and 1997, according to the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) in Geneva.

However, according to the researchers, the rising numbers also due to the fact that disasters are documented more frequently than they were 20 years ago.

At the same time information is still missing in the statistics. Only about one-third of disasters has been recorded and quantified reliably, according to the UN. The statisticians have included the price development for the comparison and converted into dollar prices from 2017.

“Alarming numbers”

According to the UN, especially those environmental catastrophes have increased that are influenced by the climate. This includes floods, storms, heat waves, drought and forest fires.

Earthquakes, tsunamis or volcanic eruptions, on the other hand, do not fall into this category!

The number of climate-associated disasters rose from an average of 165 to 329 a year, the report said. UNISDR representative Ricardo Mena spoke of “alarming numbers” and warned that climate-related natural disasters will continue to increase because of global warming.

The report shows a trend that can be observed at the same time as the planet heats up.


Highest damages in the US!

By far the largest losses from natural disasters of any kind, the study reported the US at more than $940 billion from 1998 to 2017. Among other things, because houses and infrastructure are significantly more expensive than in many other countries.

With the absolute losses recorded of around $58 billion, Germany ranges among the Top Ten internationally, mainly due to the consequences of floods. France, on the other hand, suffered from storms, while Italy suffered from quakes.

The costs by itself, however, often tell us little about the actual scale of a disaster.
(But they are important to people who set money above people’s lives).

In developing countries, for example, lower prices level down the numbers.

Nevertheless, “Disasters are always affecting the poorest of the poor,” author Debarati Guha said. “For them, natural disasters are life-threatening”, he said.



What do the insurances say?

For insurance companies, 2017 was the most expensive year in history!

Around $135 billion Dollars of costs arose worldwide due to Hurricanes and other natural disasters, more than ever before. This is according to an investigation of Munich reinsurance (number 1 reinsurance worldwide).

The main cause was due to the series of severe cyclones that hit the Caribbean and US East Coast. The climate experts of the world’s largest reinsurance see the natural disaster data of the past decades as a strong evidence of the effects of climate change.

Unusually high natural-disaster-damage is piling up. 

In the historical data of the Munich Re, there are only three years in which insured losses cost more than $100 billion, adjusted for inflation – and these all were within the past 13 years.

Before 2005, there was not a single year in which we would have got even close to a hundred billion,” Munich-Re climate expert and geophysicist Ernst Rauch said. We will have to get used to such orders of magnitude.

Total storms, earthquakes and floods caused $330 billion in damage in 2017!

That was the second-highest number in total since records began in 1970. The most damage-making year to date was 2011, with the tsunami and subsequent nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan, costing a combined $354 billion Dollars to today’s values.

So what is the solution to climate change?

We can contribute something to improving our climate.

A little here – a little there.


For example, donating a tree…

A tree…

– binds 5 to 6 tons of CO2 per year

– produces about 4 tons of oxygen at the same time

– provides oxygen and let survive about 11 people a year

(A car with 3.5 liters of consumption per 100km blows about 1,000kg of CO2 into the air)


This is what our forests must look like – not for picturing it – for OUR survival!






It’s up to YOU !



Joking! 🙂 Of course it’s up to US – to ALL OF US! 🙂





Donating a tree costs about $6.00, which is equivalent to about:

– 2 beers

– 3 coffeesTree Plant

– 1 pack of cigarettes (if there are still smokers)


– 1 handbag

– 1 pair of shoes

– 1 set ornamental caps

we can donate a small grove already!


If we help the rain forest, we help ourselves!

By 2019 at the latest, everyone should have grasped and seen for themselves that there is only ONE ecosystem. Namely, that of the entire planet.

==> Click here if you want to donate 2 beers or 1 handbag in our survival <==

$6.00—- we can’t afford less!

Jungle Bridge

Let’s build a bridge!


It ain’t over till the fat lady sings!

And I AM the fat lady!

Your, Old George,
the fat lady


20 thoughts on “How Mother Earth Dies Through The Global Climate Change

  1. Thanks so much for sharing with us your article! It is so needed!
    Although it is more and more info in the press and on tv, people still are skeptical and some don’t get the importance and urgency of the actions needed. If we don’t wake up we will lose our planet.

    1. Thank you Elektra!
      You are sooo right! This is the reason why I try to push the messages through this way as well.
      And there are even more issues. The big concerns are cheating us the more. There is already a way how to stop
      world hunger as you can see in the video – but they hide it under lock!
      But Arnold Schwarzenegger and Greta Thunberg are running a tremendous campaign as you can see HERE.
      All the best,

  2. Thank you, George, for such a relevant and informative article. The statistics are truly staggering! There is not one person who is not affected, whether they are awake to this or not… Time really is running out. I applaud what you are doing and I wish you every success with this message. My son and I joined a group a few weekends ago and planted a few hundred trees here in Australia.
    We can do our bit and it is valuable, but how do we address the devastating consequence of big business??
    All the very best
    Lyndal Jane

    1. Hi Lyndal,
      many thanks for your posting!
      It’s so great that your are doing something with your son against the devastation already. In my opinion it’s exactly about that – a little here, a little there. If everybody moves just a little bit that would be a big step already. Our leaders will not change anything – it’s up to us “normal” people to take action. The bigger the mass of crowds becomes the more can be moved. I don’t wait anymore – it’s about time to take action.
      You can find my inspiration right HERE. Arnold and Greta show us how to do it…
      Yes we can! 🙂
      All the best,

  3. What a wonderful eye opening article!. I don’t know why but a few years ago I woke up to my own consumerism and the amount of waste I produce. I became very conscious of my own personal impact not only on my own environment and home, but also the world around me. I remember one night sitting and watching a David Attenborough documentary and on there he showed the devastation that is caused by the cutting down of trees. Then I went to an actors workshop, and it was called the call of the trees, and this highlighted that the Trees outbreath is our in breath. It literally hit home, we need the trees to breathe!! They clean our air and keep the equilibrium. Alas the greed and consumerism of man has forgotten the laws of cause and effect. We chop down the trees the air changes, the balance changes. Species of animals die, that then affect other special of animal which then along the chain affect us. It is time many more woke up and saw this wonderful, perfect world for what it is and not just for how much money they can make out of it!. Wonderful post and inspiring website. What Inspired you to write this?

    1. Hi Sara,
      thank you so much for sharing your wonderful thoughts!
      Yes – David Attenborough’s documentations are really eye opening!
      So much greed in this world! Only money matters and they are not aware that we kill ourselves at the same time. Terrible.
      I was inspired to get into action by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Greta Thunberg recently. You can find their statements HERE.
      It’s about time that we act – otherwise out next generations will not have a chance to survive!
      Thanks very much Sara!

  4. Thank you so much for emphasising on the importance of keeping our environment clean and a safe haven for everyone to live in.

    Each and every one of us is responsible to making it work.

    Let’s create a safe and healthy living environment!

  5. Hi George
    What an amazing project you are doing
    My daughter is just starting out with her site on honey bees and monarchs here in New Zealand as she is also passionate about helping our planet survive
    I am going to share this site with her as I know she take a big interest in all you have shared
    Thank you

    1. Hi Vicky,
      your daughter is doing a great job! Bees are so important for our planet.
      But a lot of people don’t know. And bees are really threatened nowadays especially
      from chemistry / chemical fertilizers.
      We need the bees for our own survival.
      Thanks so much for sharing. Hope to see you soon again! 🙂

  6. This is certainly a lot to take in. 40 football fields of trees gone every minute??!! WOW! Our societies really need to take this as a serious problem! It takes a very long time for trees to grow. What will happen when there are no more? At that rate, we will run out. It’s only a matter of when.
    I think it’s a great idea to donate trees. If everyone paid $6 to donate a tree, it could help a great deal.
    Thanks for caring enough to share. We all need to become more knowledgeable about mother nature and how we’re using it up so quickly.

    Best wishes,

    1. Hi Devara,

      you are right – $6 per tree – times ?? = new forest… 🙂

      Do you think we will make it? Will we recognize early enough? And more than that – will we be willing enough to act?

      Thank you!
      All the best,

      1. I’m not sure…. People in today’s generation do not think much past their smart phones, unfortunately. Smart phones may be smart, but won’t save our forest.

        I do hope enough people act on these problems, donate trees, and try to help. It will take all of us pulling together as a team, providing the resources necessary to accomplish this or replenish what’s being lost.

        Thanks for putting the word out there!

        Best wishes,

        1. I admit Devara! All of us are concerned and it’s really necessary that we will help all together as a “world-team”.
          Discussions and documentations on TV are getting more and more so I hope that a lot of people will notice the problem and gain awareness about how far we are gone already.
          It’s crazy that there are already solutions (e.g. video about corn) but are under lock.
          I wonder why there is no big outcry. This story should really reach more people. I’m sure that a majority would be shocked in view of this fact…

  7. This is really a very IMPORTANT issue to take into consideration and be really mindful.
    The effects of climate change have been very obvious lately. I live in the northern part of America and I`ve seen the Glacier in Hyder Alaska had gone smaller than before which means some part had melted. It looks just a simple change but this has an effect on surrounding areas.
    You have also mentioned areas where they had cut down trees. I know this is a sign of development but the effect of this, in the long run, is huge.
    I am glad that the younger generation knew about this because it will be their future. My son, who is only 21 years old, goes to work as a tree planter every summer. I know it`s a hard job but he always kept saying,
    “I am just making sure my future is safe.”
    Thank you for sharing this article, wishing you all the best!

    1. Hello Hanna,
      I live in Austria and here we are affected as well. Our glaciers are melting and snow regions getting up higher.
      As Austria is famous for skiing that’s a big problem for the tourism as well.
      Interesting are their solutions:
      They build huge artificial snow systems on our mountains! Which means they need tremendous amounts of water – which has
      to be collected from surrounding wells. Which means that our alpine pastures have problems with water supply….
      It’s a vicious circle..

      Your son is doing a really good job! He seems really to be aware of the threatening.

      I hope a lot of people will share and see whats going on – and it’s only the beginning…

      Thank you so much!
      All the best!

  8. Educating people about the effects of Climate Change is most important. I am from a small Caribbean island, and I am saddened that people continue to clear the mangroves to build. Along the beautiful Seven Mile Beach for instance, there is little or no more vegetation. High rise hotels are taking over.

    Of course, this is terrifying when I looked back at how hurricane Ivan devastated our island in September 2004. As a result, the insurance companies quadrupled premiums. It is definately important for us to take a stand and help save the earth. I am trying to do my part as every year when we observe Earth Day, I plant a tree with the kids. Very informative post. Hope it will reach the eyes of millions.

    1. Hi Carol,

      thank you so much for your posting!
      Yeah – it’s really abusing what the big companies are doing to us.
      You are great to lead your kids towards awareness to nature! It’s so important that they develop sensitivity to that topics.
      There is no planet B. At least at the moment…
      I wish you all the best for your homeland!
      Hope to see you here again.
      Best regards,

  9. I love the content it is interesting and thought provoking. I also like your images and graphics very applicable. Good job

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