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Garden decoration

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Mow your lawn before decorating! 🙂


Once we are done with the hardest work and everything is made halfway functional again we can have a look at the garden decoration.

There’s no need to make it look like Tim Taylor’s one but men can endure a few dabs of decoration. Since tastes are often vary when it comes to decoration, we should better with our partner about what will we put or hang in our garden .

Of course, a beer crate can be pretty decorative in the garden but our wives will certainly understand something different by decoration.

Dear buddies, be careful! Do not hang any decorative cord so low that your mother-in-law could strangle with it and take care that all electrical equipment is set up properly so no one will be grilled when touching or turning it on!

A garden gnome there – a solar lamp there. The real “specialists” will maybe frame the edges of the house with light lines or irradiate the whole house by disco spotlights.

As usual, the residents from all over the street will admire our work and will certainly let us know their gratitude. After all, we are the one’s who brought charisma to our street! The surveillance satellites in space can already well detect our house and if we are lucky enough our neighbour city still has enough power to let its inhabitants take showers.

Generally we do not need to worry about the police because they will just pop round to admire our new decoration. Further, it is certainly already 11pm when they will come so we will sleep nicely and deep already anyway!

OK OK – you are right! We should not exaggerate.

On the other hand – you know – once we garden adorers getting into raptures ..Tim Taylor is greeting!

Our wife will surely be grateful because she already heard at the hairdresser – while sitting under the drying hood – that we are already famous in our city. Tourist buses are carting thousands of Chinese and Japanese to our house, carrying cameras because they want to picture our work and they will build copies in their home country. If we collect a dime per visitor the decoration could even be a little lush next year .. .

Great that there is still our wife bringing us back to reason!

She will assist with words and deeds and will direct us through the garden. And in the end everything is fine because it will just look like we planned TOGETHER J

Of course we should not forget about our children. There is certainly a little space we can leave for them, so that they can play their part in making the garden beautiful too.

As always, there are a few tips that make the design of the garden a little easier and safer. And maybe you find some ideas for your decoration here. Or just click on the photos.

A private garden is a fulfilling hobby, a business card for residents and gardeners and of course a private green living space for the summer. As for the indoor-rooms themselves, the outdoor area should be decorated perfectly – according to the style of the residents and it should be placed nicely in the garden.

The own style

Just as there are different styles ranging from rustic to puristic regarding the interior of a home, very own ideas and personal taste of the gardener can be realized in the garden area.

In addition to plants and places which give the garden a basic structure and character, intelligent and creatively placed decorative elements in the garden ensure a very personal touch.

For the finished garden to look like one arrangement, good sense and the decision for one style is important.

However, that does not mean that wooden wind turbines are part of the classic rustic garden only.

The same regarding the garden gnomes who have become popular again and represent a witty and tasteful break in style in modern gardens.

If basically “strange” decorative items are intentionally integrated in the right place, interesting points of view can occur which can make a garden unforgettable.

Which one is MY style?

How do you find your own personal style of gardening? Actually very easy: You look at already existing gardens and check what you like most.

Maybe there are some private individuals giving insight into their very own garden paradises which are designed with a lot of love, experience and expertise – and often already exist for many years.

Gardening magazines also provide inspiration and examples of successful gardens and garden decoration. 


Six rules for harmonious garden decoration

The decoration of the garden follows certain principles. If these are followed seriously a fantastically beautiful garden develops according to the taste of the inhabitants:

  • Less is more – when landscaping includes decorative elements, it may be done generous and lush, but the result should not seem overloaded.

  • Though, please do it with style – when it comes to garden decoration basically everything that meets your taste is allowed. Though, chosen elements should fit the overall style of the garden or follow a consistent motto.

  • Weatherproof is important – the decoration used should be able to endure even days of rain or scorching heat for a long time. Weatherproof materials, good workmanship and stable colors ensure that decoration will not have to be renewed after an extreme weather situation.

  • Breaks in style are allowed – however, it should always be designed to be intentional.

  • Don’t forget the light – perfect garden decoration also requires the perfect light. String lights, spotlights, but also garden stand lamps or illuminated flower pots provide light and mood in the garden.

  • The most important thing at the end – we don’t apply our garden decoration unless plantings and the all-over-garden-design are completed already.

For garden design and decoration basically everything that “belongs” to the garden can be used, such as an unusual garden house, separation and privacy walls made of eye-catching materials or garden furniture. Accessories like sculptures or creative flower pots bring in skillful counterpoints or underline the style, whilst larger elements continue the style.

I wanted the given tips to be pretty neutral and general so that every one of you will not be “disturbed” in his own style.

9 thoughts on “Garden decoration

  1. Hi, this is such a cool post! I am developing a large piece of land, still building my house, but one of the first things I did was plant my plants and trees. I have added some solar lights for decoration, and I have also used natural elements for that same purpose. There are natural paths on my property, which were made by cows, horses, and donkeys passing through before I bought my land. It is nice to have these pathways, and I am thinking of covering them with stones or something pretty. Your site (especially the photos) has given me plenty of ideas. Thank you!

  2. Fantastic post. I will be using some of your tips in my gardening this year. I like how you implemented the humor throughout the post, gave me a chuckle and kept me engaged to keep reading more. As for your tips on the garden gnomes, you are so right, they are a lovely touch to anyone’s garden and they are making a come back, I just bought 2 for my garden.
    Great job, and I’ll be keeping an eye out for more you post.

    1. Hi Tracy,
      many many thanks for your compliment!
      I wasn’t really a fan of the old garden gnomes but the modern ones are
      really looking cool! There are a lot of nice ideas for new desings… 🙂

      I’m very happy that you like my kind of humor. I love to write in this
      style – I wasn’t allowed to do so at school – haha.
      I’m looking forward to seeing you again. You are very welcome! 🙂
      Best regards,

  3. I have never thought about decorating a garden. Now one day when I decide to make one I have some good ideas. Good article!

  4. Hi there! This was very entertaining and informative! I always wished to create a garden that would feel completely like me and have a section for others. The ideas are wonderful. I hope that I can make my garden special. We’d probably have a few gnomes around since my family loves them. Thanks for the information!!

    1. Hello Sandy,
      thank you for your engagement! If you feel like – then just create a garden! 🙂
      You seem to be creative – that’s very good for the garden! 🙂

      All the best,

  5. Thanks Old George – your post is very entertaining! What you are saying about electric lights is very funny, it reminds me of a house where I lived in a country town – they had fairy lights all around the eaves of the house and the windows so it lit up the whole street when everywhere was dark – the town would joke about the birthday cake house! Here at my house we only use a few solar lights to highlight a few pretty areas and we have built a fairy garden for our granddaughters which has a tiny picket fence and a few solar-powered creatures like a frog and an owl – they make a very pretty light in the dark. The children love it there and we are always adding new little bits and pieces, and we have a gnome there too! We have just bought a large birdbath as well for another space which we are really hoping will attract the small wrens that are nesting in our hedge – I love to spend time in the garden and I agree that we can make small special garden spaces even if we don’t have much room!

    1. Hello Lindsay,

      many thanks for your reply!
      See – there are some “overlightning” houses – haha

      I wish you a lot of fun in the garden – especally with your granddchildren! 🙂

      Best regards,

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