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Marten Defense with Electricity? A Pine Marten Pet?

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Firstly: It’s just for completing information
I WOULD NOT SUGGEST USING SUCH DEVICES! (Better use one of these..!)
For more background information watch video below!
But note: Marten trap boxes are not allowed as well usually!

Another way to fend off the marten are provided by devices that give the animal an electric shock. Of course this is not a dangerous blow because these martens defense devices work on the pasture fence principle. Just like cows in the pasture are startled by electric shock when they touch the fence, this device also frightens the marten when it touches two connected metal plates.

There is no serious danger for the animal, but it is scared to the limbs and quickly seeks distance. You can buy this marten scare for the car, as well as for the house or the attic. The device that protects your engine compartment is connected to the car battery. The marten fence for the gutter is connected to an energizer and works with 230 volts.

Advantages and disadvantages of marten defense with electricity:

• The electric shock has a very good effect on martens both in the car and in the house because habituation of the animals will not happen. Every time the marten gets electrocuted, he is scared and just escapes.

• Even if electric devices are turned on 24 hours a day, their power consumption is very low.

• Devices for the car can usually be expanded with additional metal plates as required. Metal fences for the attic are also expandable, which is why optimal protection is always guaranteed.

• The cost of a marten defense with electricity is higher than others that are used to drive out the martens.

• Especially in the car you often have to have the device installed by a specialist, which incurs additional costs.

Although the cost of marten defense with electricity is significantly higher than other means, these are not to be surpassed in their effectiveness. However, the prerequisite for the proper functioning of the devices is, that the installation is carried out correctly and that the device meets your needs.


Please note the following when purchasing:

• The device for the car should be at least splash-proof. It is better, however, if you opt for a waterproof marten repellent device.

• If you choose a stun gun with discharge protection, do not run the risk of draining the car battery overnight and not starting the car the next morning.

• Since the electric shock emitted is not a pleasant experience for humans, you should be able to temporarily disable the marten defense device for work in the engine compartment, using a switch.

• Because the stun gun works only when the marten touches two metal plates simultaneously, it must be ensured that a sufficient number of metal plates are included in the scope of delivery. You should be able to attach two at each entry level.

• For the protection of your attic you must use as many marten fence that the total length of the gutter can be covered. If the supplied wire is too short, use the possibility of reordering.

• Even with the marten fence, the marten must touch two wires at the same time. This should be considered when laying and reordering.


Home remedies for martens

If you don’t want to use electro-shock or ultrasound against the marten, you have got the option of using well-tried home remedies. Even with the home remedies there are various alternatives. Either you aim at the fine sense of smell of the animals and try to drive them away by unpleasant scents. Or you make use of the excellent hearing of the marten and start your marten defense with noise pollution.

Loud music:
Although the uninvited guests in the attic can sensitively disturb our human night sleep, they themselves are very sensitive to noise. Through noise, the marten can be driven relatively easily. Since he sleeps as a nocturnal animal during the day, you should flood your loft during the day with loud music. Then the marten feels disturbed in his peace and he voluntarily searches for distance.

Even the sound of a loud bell makes the small mammal so terrified that he escapes. Attach a motion detector to the manhole and connect it with a loud bell. As soon as the marten enters your house, the motion detector is triggered and a shrill ring tone sounds, which drives the animal away.

Moving furniture:
It does not necessarily have to be a shrill tone that disturbs the marten in his calm. Also, dull noises, like the back of furniture are contrary to the small omnivore. So, as often as possible, move the furniture back and forth in your loft, the marten will also be annoyed by that.

If you want to tickle the excellent nose of the marten, drive it away with odors that he abhors because of their strangeness. Animal hair or human hair smell is so strange for the little predator that he gets scared and escapes. If you place dog, cat or human hair in the engine compartment or at the manhole for the attic, the stone marten returns and will not enter your house or your car. (This is not very effective all the time but it’s worth trying).

Since urine smells even stronger than hair, this fragrance is even more daunting on the marten. Have your pet pee on an old cloth or urinate on an old cloth and put the prepared cloth in the engine compartment or in the entrance hole to the attic. The smell should fend off the marten. However, in order not to strain your own olfactory nerves as well you should make sure that this marten defense does not penetrate into the car interior through the ventilation.

Because the Marten abhors strong odors, you can keep the animal at bay with mothballs. However, you have to attach a relatively large amount of bullets in the engine compartment for marten defense. Inform the specialist at which points in the engine compartment you are allowed to attach the balls. If the mothballs are to work in the attic, they are best hung near the marten sleeping area. Attention: Mothballs are harmful to health and should not get into the hands of children. They also do not benefit the health of your pets. (Personally I was once successful by placing toilet fragrant balls in the engine compartment)

If you do have any questions or suggestions (maybe about some tricks you know) please don’t hesitate to write a comment about! Let me know it!
I love to hear about “special tricks” how to fix something or so… sometimes they are really helpful but in any case mostly funny! 🙂


Nice info about martens! Watch this….






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