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Pine Marten as Pet or Attacker?

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Not only the car the marten likes 🙂 Watch the video!

Caution! He comes! Oh yes he will come!

In the night he sneaks around our house – always in search of fat booty. He can never get enough and he eats almost everything he can get between his teeth. He is not content to just catch dinner for himself and his family. No, he also enjoys chewing on the isolation of our house. But more often I have experienced that he destroyed our car. No more question about pine marten as pet or attacker or “do weasels attack”?

It’s a great feeling when you go to the garage in the morning to drive to work and … ..nothing happens. We try again – turning the car key around. Until the stop. The key is already bending because we cannot believe that our car fails and doesn’t want to obey. Not even the warning lights want to beautify the morning with their many different lights and colors to us. And IFFF he destroyed our jump start car cables as well – that would mean war!

No later than at this point we suspect – no – we know!
He was there – THE MARTEN….huuuhuuuu

HE visited us. HE made himself comfortable in OUR engine compartment. HE has nibbled our cables. HE has been struggling with the cooling water hose. He has torn the insulation mat to shreds.

And to really taunt us, he left a few souvenirs looking like black little sausages. So we’re even to clean up after his visit. And we cannot even turn his little neck around because he’s protected by law mostly – that little sweet black devil.

HE – HE -HE … the marten. This so much inconspicuous and cute-looking animal is walking on our nerves. I’m already preparing like marten trapping in alaska… haha…where are our marten trap boxes???

Let’s see how we can deal with him without making any harm to him ….

That’s why we’ll dedicate even some articles to that cute little animal.

Because – it’s not really easy to outwit that smart hunter!

Since the martens are subject to hunting protection almost everywhere, they may only be killed during the hunting season or caught in traps. This is to prevent Marten’s children deprived of their mother and perish miserably. While the young martens still depend on their mother, this small predator has close season. In general, this time is between the end of February and mid-October. If you violate hunting law, you are liable to prosecution and face fines or even imprisonment.

Meaning that you are not allowed to hurt, torture or poison the marten all year long. During the hunting season, in case you are the owner of necessary permits, you may kill or trap the small predator. If you do not have permission for hunting the marten or if you want to get rid of this animal during the close season, there is only one option: You must drive out the marten. However, you should also consider this: If the Marten has got young ones and you lock him out, they will die helpless.


Ultrasound for marten defense (look at this..)

Ultrasonic devices for marten defense we can buy at special shops. The devices are considered to be particularly environmentally friendly because they do not pollute the environment through the use of chemicals. However, ultrasound devices that can be used in a variety of ways working with their own batteries. This brings advantages and disadvantages:

• If the ultrasound device has got its own batteries it can be used in the engine compartment as well as in the attic, in the garage or in the barn.

• If anti-marten devices with their own batteries are used in the car, they do not stress the car battery. You do not run the risk that your car won’t start in the morning due to an empty car battery.

• The use of batteries is always inefficient. Since the production of a battery needs much more energy than can be obtained from the battery later.

• For producing batteries, valuable raw materials are being wasted.

• Batteries may contain heavy metals which, if not disposed properly, endanger the environment.

In specialized trade shops you will discover a variety of devices. You can buy anti-marten devices that emit only high tones in the ultra-frequency range. Or you decide on a combination device that emits LED flashes and works with high voltage. The combined devices are usually intended for cars and are not mounted in the engine compartment, but on the engine under body.

When buying anti-marten devices keep the following in mind:

• If the appliance is to be used in the house, you must either place it near the martens nest or calculate the square footage of the room in order to be fully sounded before you buy. That’s because every ultrasound device has only an individual range.

• Make sure that either the speaker of the device radiates at a 360-degree angle, or your ultrasound device is connected to several small speakers.

• If you want to use the device outdoors or in the engine compartment it must be waterproof.

• If you are a pet owner the frequency of the ultrasonic device should not disturb your four-legged friends. Because in contrary to humans, who do not notice the high tones, dogs and cats can hear ultrasonic sounds and often react nervously and stressed to a continuous sound.

Ultrasound devices that change frequency have proven to be more effective since the marten is not used to the continuous sound so quickly.

• If you would like to purchase the device exclusively for the engine compartment against martens, ensure to buy a flat and space-saving design.

If you do have any questions or suggestions (maybe about some tricks you know) please don’t hesitate to write a comment about! Let me know it!
I love to hear about “special tricks” how to fix something or so… sometimes they are really helpful but in any case mostly funny! 🙂


Let’s go on to part two..


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  1. This is such an entertaining read!

    I must say that this has been an absolute treat to read.

    Thank you for sharing the ultrasound device, it is a much better alternative to killing the creature. I personally don’t feel comfortable taking the lives of animals. I also appreciate the advice on how to effectively use the device.

    Thanks a lot

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