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Solution In Climate Change?

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The solution of climate change – nobody knows yet!

Watch this! Grets Thunberg live at Vienna’s climate summit. Host: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Or is there something going on?

World sinking

Within the last days and weeks, I have become aware more and more that it is really about time to take care of our planet Earth. To take action!

Obviously, it was necessary that a young girl named Greta Thunberg rouse us. Initially, Greta sat alone in front of the parliament in Stockholm. A plaque on which was written “School Strike for the Climate was next to her. In the meantime, hundreds of thousands of children and adolescents around the world are following her every Friday in order to demonstrate for the climate change.

Recently, a conference called “R20 Austrian World Summit” came to an end, to which the world-famous actor and climate activist Arnold Schwarzenegger had invited. Among others, Greta Thunberg and UN General Secretary Antonio Gutierrez were guests as well.

Climate change is not an everyday problem that can be solved quickly. Rather, we are already at a point of time that our generation could actually be the last one to turn the rudder. The point of no return is already in sight!

Responsible politicians make halfhearted promises only and the economy barely sets any action that suggests the issues ahead are taken seriously.

So if the leaders of our time are not man enough to tackle global and cross-generational issues then it’s up to us “normal” fellow citizens to force them to act.

Take advantage of the videos – you might not have seen them before!
Arnold Schwarzenegger speech at Vienna’s climate summit on 28th of May 2019

What is the solution to climate change?

Shameful enough that our children have to remind us with drastic measures such as strikes, that we in charge to leave an intact environment to them.

Personally I feel responsible for the fact that only a few actions have been taken regarding climate change so far. I felt like fainting because I thought we could not do anything against aloof politicians and managers. But now that the youngest of our society show us how to do, it would be even more shameful and irresponsible still doing nothing. We cannot beat around the bush anymore!

It cannot be true that facing these global environmental catastrophes we still keep our hands in our lap. Our commitment has been in demand for a long time, but now is the about time to finally take effective action.

We have to get up now. Get up and shake up those responsible persons. Get up and support our children with their issue. Our children and grandchildren are the world and we are damned responsible for leaving them with a livable environment. Let’s lift our ass from the couch and take action!

Our generation has already caused enough troubles. Some because they have acted unscrupulous and greedy for their own sake, the others because they didn’t do anything against it.


But that must be over now!

It’s OUR turn! It’s in OUR hands how it will go on.

It’s already five to twelve and it will not be long time that we ever can change anything. In fact, our generation is the last generation that can change anything at all. The generation before cannot change anything anymore and the generation after cannot change anything yet. At least as far as decisions which can be implemented immediately are concerned.

Does global warming cause climate change? KIDDING??
Global warming and the ocean… No connection? KIDDING??

Once again:

WE are responsible.
It’s OUR turn.
WE have to force decision-makers to follow their words with deeds.
Time for hesitating has expired! In fact, we do not have time anymore.
Let’s grab the bull by the horns and turn the helm in the name of our children!
The solution of climate change is OUR responsibility – not the one of our children!


We are in danger!

Not sometime in the future!



We only can achieve results if we work all together.

So let’s get up, let’s act, let’s scream.

We can do something about it!



Yes we can! 

Yes we can!

Yes we can!


I’m completely convinced!

At this point I would like to bring a short report about the conference “R20 Austrian World Summit”, brought to life by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Vienna.

A few days ago, Vienna was the center for climate protection. Arnold Schwarzenegger, former governor of California, invited to a conference named “R20 Austrian World Summit”. Climate change activist Greta Thunberg and UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutierrez joined as well.

The climate conference “R20 Austrian World Summit” by Arnold Schwarzenegger was opened in Vienna with urgent appeals to stop the global climate catastrophe. Star guest was the 16-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg.

“This is not just any emergency, but the biggest crisis that humanity has ever seen,”
she warned when she was on stage.

The opening speech was given by the Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen. The head of state underlined the urgency with which climate change must be combated.
“We know that time is running out – the climate emergency is more than actual since a long time already,” Van der Bellen said.

Upcomming summit New York

At the upcoming UN climate summit in New York, the Austrian President also wants to continue by pressuring European heads of state with his climate initiative. UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutierrez also warned that the situation is “very serious”.

The performance of Thunberg, who launched a million-strong “FridaysForFuture” movement within just a few months during her school strike, was acclaimed. She was convinced that people did not know the danger they were in.

“You may realize that something is going wrong and that it is getting warmer,” she said. When she herself realized what the devastating effects of climate change will be, she was “astonished that it was not in the headlines everywhere and was not talked about around the clock.”

Actually, a global climate emergency should have been convened long ago and the policy must meet in non-stop crisis meetings. Instead, the topic is “treated like anyone else”.

Thunberg especially appealed to politicians to counteract climate change.
“Of course, millions of children can go to the streets, but we are not leaders, not even the scientists are,”
Thunberg said.
In order to master the crisis, all spheres of life would have to be changed. “Individual, isolated solutions are no longer enough,” she said. The young people would take responsibility for the responsible generation:

“We have no time left and we will not let you get away with it”.

 “We have to name the climate crisis directly.”


Host Arnold Schwarzenegger also called for more “action” – and big dreams. He himself had often been described as being crazy in his life, because he had impossible-seeming goals – like bodybuilding champion, movie star or politician.

“But the dreamers change the world, not the doubters,” Schwarzenegger emphasized.

The former governor of California also criticized that still seven million people die each year due to environmental pollution. “That’s the status quo you want to keep?” He turned to the doubters. He instead called on them to join the green movement. “The invitation to the White House may have been lost by mail.” He said laconically.


“It’s the dreamers, not the doubters who shape the world.”

==> Click here if you are a dreamer like Schwarzenegger, Thunberg and me ==<

UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutierrez also made it clear that there is no time to lose. At the next climate conference in September in New York, he hopes that politicians will not come up with nice speeches only, but with concrete measures.

At the Vienna Hofburg, politicians, experts and celebrities discussed “climate finance” with around 1,200 visitors from 30 nations. It was not only discussed about the future of our planet, but also shown what exactly can be possible.

Since the onslaught on tickets for the summit exceeds the capacity, the organizers have decided to expand to the Vienna “Heroes’ Square” for the first time. “Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to inspire as many people as possible for climate protection,” organizer Monika Langthaler said. Of course, the event also receives another boost from the “FridaysForFuture” movement initiated by Greta Thunberg. The climate activist Greta took part in the weekly school strike in Vienna.

It was also a feast of culinary art: food from sustainable production only was sold. Merchandise articles were available for purchase for the first time – the proceeds will then be used to support a climate project.

So what we are waiting for? Hm?




Everyone is heartily invited to join the discussion. Post your opinion! I hope it will have a snowball effect.
Kindly, your
Old George,
the young in mind

10 thoughts on “Solution In Climate Change?

  1. A new kind of article to read!
    And thank you for bringing it up.

    People these days, I myself included, are so busy on search on how to live a better life.
    In all different aspects : Physical, Mental, Financial and even spiritual.

    That for a moment, we forget the most important thing— the place we live in!

    This is powerful and for sure it will bring enlightment (as it does to me) to your readers!

    1. Hi Mina,
      you are exactly saying what I want to express!
      And it comes straight from my heart!
      And there will be more I will bring up! Much more! It’s on us now to act. Now.
      Hope you will write more comments here! We need you!
      All the best,

  2. Right On! I will most certainly share this blog. It’s great that you offer some small way that we can help by planting a tree. Deforestation is a big problem – the Canadian and Alaskan taiga forests, the Amazon, Africa, . . .
    Personally, I drive a car that gets 50 mpg and I try to consolidate tasks that I need it for so am making less trips. We can all do a little here, a little there, . . . it can all add up.
    Thank you for the motivation presented in your blog.

    1. Hi Suzanne,
      thank you so much for your comment.
      Be assured that I will continue this topic. And I will bring in much more information about it – and also solutions as best I can.
      You are completely right – it’s a little here and a little there – and all in all will move something!
      See you! 🙂 We all need YOU to step into!
      All the best,

  3. Thanks George for sharing this information and the videos. Grets Thungberg is very impressive. All I can say is “Wow!!” I know we have pollution problems, but really never thought about it much until today.

    This makes me think about what our world is coming to a lot more seriously. It is a shame that a young child such as Grets has to take action to save the world. We all need to pull together and help clean up the air, but the only way this will happen is to go after the “decision-makers”, the higher up people who are responsible for climate control.

    There is so much I need to still learn about this problem, but you did a great job covering these global environmental catastrophes. I just hope the right people start taking it much more serious and take action to start correcting or controlling pollution.

    I appreciate your thorough research, honest writing, and including the videos.

    All the best,

    1. Hi Devara,
      thank you very much!
      I will stick to this topic as it is really my serious concern. I will bring up information and calls for action as much as I can.
      Maybe you will follow the blogs on that topic – I would be very happy!
      It’s more serious than I was prepared to believe… to be honest. But that’s over now!
      Hope to see you again! We need YOU for helping our planet!

  4. Thank you very much Stella!
    Climate change is really my heart’s desire. Hope I’m not too late…
    Do you think we can turn the rudder early enough? I’m really hoping.
    All the best,

  5. Thank you for bringing it under the spotlight attention again George. The videos underline the urgency of the problem very well and makes it a reality. Nobody is prepared to live in a messy house or complains if the streets in town are filthy, all has to be perfectly tidy, but on the other hand the world our bigger house is in such a state of decay?
    Well done, a well written article on a very important topic!

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