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Wasps, Wasp Nest, Action!

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There is always sun where is a shadow… 🙂 Watch the video…. 🙂

                               No more Botox needed 🙂

Spring just arrived and humming starts again. But it is not always about our nice bees – it is wasps that give us this buzz. As soon as we comfortably sit down on our terrace and looking forward to having a nice breakfast, this awful buzzing starts and as soon as we have sighted the first wasp we are wildly waving our arms in the air. Do wasps make their nest again? Must we get rid of a wasps nest on the roof again? Get rid wasps nest roof … oh my god…am I struggling grammar already? Stottering? Is it the fear….? 

Unfortunately, we are always in trouble whenever we sit outside at our breakfast table with a sweet pastry and a nice coffee. 
I remember inviting my girlfriend for breakfast on the terrace ….. bad idea! No more girlfriend 🙂

Stitches of these little animals are extremely unpleasant and if we are allergic to it, it can even be dangerous. Unlike bees, the sting of wasps does not stay in our skin – they can retract and will fly cheerfully and happy their way off. Letting us back with a large red spot and a thick bump usually.

On the other hand wasps are very useful little animals because they catch mosquitoes and other unpleasant companions. So we should not kill them but rather try to get rid of them in other ways. How we can manage that? Let’s explore among the next few lines.


Remove or distribute wasps: Correct behavior
Or – destroy wasp nest?

Is there any help against wasps? At the latest in summer we are considering how we can get rid of those wasps crawling and humming around the covered table in order to be able to finally enjoy the gorgeous time with the barbecues. If there is no wasp nest we can see that could be removed as the “germ cell” of the problem, the only possibility is to expel the wasps.

If you already had wasps in the previous year, you will probably be affected again this year. From about May to the beginning of June most wasps fly off in search of a suitable nesting site. They often prefer places where the wasp nests were already before.

I tried to find some useful tips in case we are facing a “wasp plague”.

First of all – don’t kill wasps – use THESE ITEMS to chase them away!

Wasps or wasp nest discovered?

Some wasp nest pictures…

Wasp Nest
Wasp Nest

What do wasps drive?
• Basil or clove-flavored lemons / oranges sliced can help. Alternatively, essential fragrance oils such as e.g. citronella, clove or tea tree oil can be used. The scent should chase away the wasps from the table.

• Another home remedy against wasps is freshly cut garlic cloves, which are said to be as helpful in keeping wasps away just as cloth soaked in Salmiac being laid out.

• Removing wasps from indoor rooms can be dangerous. In order to prevent wasps from entering through the windows attaching mosquito nets should help.

• Wasps don’t like the smell of coffee. For chasing away wasps from the table simply spread coffee powder or coffee beans in a fireproof pot above a candle. The scent of coffee should drive away wasps effectively.

• Cultivating tomatoes or basil in the near surrounding can also help against wasps. Wasps as well as mosquitoes and flies don’t like that smell.

• Or you use another home remedy against wasps, namely incense sticks.

  • Use a fake wasp nest – Yellow Jackets and Hornets will avoid this area 

• Copper coins should also drive out wasps. Simply rub cent pieces or old penny coins between your hands and place them in the plain sun
on the dining table. The smell that acts against wasps arises on our skin. To enhance the effect, additional copper parts can be placed on the table. I advise not to lick on your hands from that on… J

Wasp Plate

Remove wasps from the coffee table by luring the wasps away

Remove wasps through distraction

• To dislodge wasps, distraction helps sometimes by using a slice of cooked ham which is baited at a safe distance. 
• Grape is another home remedy for distracting wasps from the table

Prevent nest building (watch this) 

For example, you can prevent nesting of wasps by:
• Timely closing of openings, e.g. blinds
• Keep outdoor areas clear in order to avoid cavities
• Cover attracting nesting sites with fly screens

Behavior Tips – What to Avoid When Facing Wasps

• If possible, don’t use hair sprays, perfumes, skin creams and cosmetics containing fragrances.

• Avoid wearing bright, colorful, blue and yellow colored clothes. These are suspected to have an attracting effect on wasps. White, neutral clothing, on the other hand should be harmless.

• The ingredients of wood preservatives and polishes attract wasps. Accordingly, these funds should not be used shortly before using the tables, as wasps are difficult to remove otherwise. Water-soluble paints generally contain wax, which also attracts wasps.

Wasp Bottle

• Sugary foods such as fruit juices, fruits, marmalade, cakes attract wasps as well as protein (meat, meat, etc.). It is best to cover such foods, if possible in airtight containers or put them away. Later clean the table of leftovers by wiping. Cover or close drinks like lemonade or beer in any case. This reduces the risk of swallowing a wasp.

• In the garden, fermenting fallen fruit should be picked up regularly. The same regarding ripe fruit, which should – if possible – be picked from the trees.

Please note that home remedies can never replace a professional wasp nest removal. In addition, wasps are protected and may only be removed by the specialist in exceptional cases. If you have a serious wasp problem, contact a professional immediately. He will find a proper solution for you.

Wasp Nest

As a precautionary measure we can close the localized passages to the dwelling:

• The belt slot must be sealed on the roller shutter box.• At built-in ceiling spotlights, cracks are masked around the lights.
• Crevices and cracks should be removed and sealed with silicone or acrylic.
• The gap at the opening flap for “pull-down-stairs” to the attic we seal or tape.
• For wooden ceilings, holes must be closed at the joints of the boards.

Wasps cannot eat healthy wood. There is always a passage somewhere that should be located and closed.

In most cases, no wasps will get into the apartment anymore. Until around the middle of November, the wasps’ invasion has mostly resolved naturally itself and the wasp has completely died. Then you can remove the “unsightly” security measures again.

If you do have any questions or suggestions (maybe about some tricks you know) please don’t hesitate to write a comment about! Let me know it! 
I love to hear about “special tricks” how to fix something or so… sometimes they are really helpful but in any case mostly funny!


14 thoughts on “Wasps, Wasp Nest, Action!

  1. I don`t know what`s going on this year but I feel that there are more wasps (wasps infestation?)
    We have a big cherry tree in front of our house and I kid you not, we can hear a loud buzzing noise. I can see also in our backyard garden that there are lots of wasps flying around.
    Thank you for your article as you give some tips on how we can drive away these wasps. I will for sure try some of these tips.
    All the best!

    1. Hello Hanna,
      I had a cherry tree in my yard as well and I can tell you – wasps love this tree … and especially the sweet fruits! 🙂
      I picked the cherry as the were ripe. There is a very small time window to do that 🙂
      Once the fruits are picked it should be better. Then I would try a fake nest.
      But there are certainly years where you hardly can stand the amount of wasps. If it’s becoming dangerous I recommend to call a professional.
      Please tell me if the fake nest will have helped you in case you’ll try it.

  2. Wasps are no fun, I like the idea of putting a mosquito net around the nest. Trap em all in there then decide what to do next. Ever opened up a networking box on the side of your house to find something nesting in there? I’ve had spiders, wasps, and I think some honey bees as well. Thanks for all the tips george, we’ll see how summer turns out where I live.

  3. What a great article. I had no idea there were so many ways of getting rid of wasps. In the past I have waited until dark and used kerosene or something similar.
    When I was 8 or 9 I disturbed a large beehive in a fruit tree. The bees didn’t like it and I got stung by at least 30 of them as it was summer and I was only dressed in a pair of shorts. I ran into the house screaming and that continued for a while as my parents tried to carefully remove the pulsing stings. That left me with an anaphylactic allergy to both bee and wasp stings.
    I haven’t been stung for years now, but I still remember the last one on my thumb, which had me in Accident and Emergency struggling to breathe. My thumb and hand were larger than a baseball which I thought was going to split.
    So if I ever have a wasp nest in my yard, I deal to it very quickly. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the way I understand it wasps are pests, but we need bees to contribute to the food chain. Is that correct?

    1. Hello Luigi,
      wow – you had really bad experience with bees.
      Remaining with an allergy is certainly hard to stand.

      You are right in the way that bees are very important for our nature and therefor for us as well. They safe the blooming of all kind of plants such as flowers and trees. That is important for our own survival. Nowadays, due to pesticides bees are seriously threatened in surviving. There are lots of campaigns going on world wide to safe the bees.

      Secondly, wasps are also very useful. Just like bees and bumblebees, they pollinate flowers and contribute to a rich fruit harvest. In addition, they kill a lot of insects and help humans to decrease pests in the garden.

      They are just annoying if we want to have breakfast, lunch or dinner outside. They feel very attracted by our food – especially sweets – of course. But by now we know what we can do against, right? 🙂

      Thanks for your comment!
      All the best,

  4. Every once or twice a year, I get visits from wasps to my home. I remember the time when I first bought my home, and after painting the main door, a wasp started to build a nest on the door! I guess the smell of the paint attracted them?

    Back then, I had no idea how to deal with a wasp (it was many years ago, maybe around 20 years ago). No internet. And I panicked. I just kept thinking how dangerous a wasp could be. And imagine a whole nest of wasps??!

    So, I quickly destroyed the nest. As I did, I regretted my actions. I saw a few larvae fall from the nest. Sad.

    Now, thanks to your article, I know what to do should I find a wasp nest. Also, I know how to keep them away. I like the idea of incense. In fact, I burn incense every day at the altar at my home during prayers. All good, right?

    1. Hello Timotheus,
      thanks very much for your reply.
      The fake nest should help to prevent before nesting.
      Since you burn incense every day – may I ask you if you still
      have troubles with wasps? Or do you observe that burning incense does help you?

  5. Hello, I’m so glad I found this blog. Every year wasps come to my property and they always try to find a place to build a hive. Until I moved to my land I had no idea that they eat other insects. I once saw a wasp crawling into a hole with a captured insect. I was impressed. They are certainly useful and they won’t sting unless you get close to their hive. I have been stung, and man, it hurts!
    These tips are very useful and I will use them.
    What has also worked for me was moving the hive to another location, which is risky, but I was lucky, since the hive was built in an old dog crate. I carefully picked up the crate and carried it far away from the house and left it there. The wasps kept their home and were at a safe distance.

    1. Hello Christine,
      wooow you are really brave! I’d never dare! haha
      In my case they are mostly somewhere in the roof truss or hinding in a gap – but the artificial nest works!
      I’ll call you if there will be a nest outside – hope you’ll help me carrying away! 🙂
      All the best!

  6. Hi Geaorge, Thanks for the useful tips on chasing wasps away and preventing them to build nests. We are facing some “zooming” around our house as well and I am suspecting they are building a nest in the top of our roof (not easy accessible for me). And I cannot clearly see if they are wasps or bees. How can I easily tell the difference? Should I do something or just leave them? They ar not bothering me very much yet (it’s not as if I cant sit outside anymore).

    Wiuld you have useful tips on ants as well. Oh and what about “Stink bugs” as well? They come in two types: the green ones and the grey ones. In the autumn those grey ones try to get intro the house. Keeping the windows and doors locked is not enough: They will find a way in! Do you know them? Is there any poison to use for fumigation. Because the smell is terrible and they are hard to kill. Hope to read about those two soon in your blogs. Regards! Angelique

    1. Hello Angelique,

      foremost many thanks for your reply and your questions.

      1) You can recognize wasps with their yellow/black strips all over the body. The lower body of the bee is tending to brown. The wasp is more lean mostly and got less hair than the bee. And it’s more common that wasps are building a nest in the attic. Bees prefer nature surroundings.
      I suggested some repeller here:

      I think in your case the “artifical hornet nest” should work. If they don’t bother you now – wait until you wanna have breakfast or lunch outside 🙂

      2) Thanks for your hint! I will follow up with ants!

      3) I will research about the bugs as there are some news about a new plague already.

      Keep following this blog – you’ll get answers! 🙂

      Many thanks again,
      Best regards,

  7. This is a very useful guide and you provide some really interesting information.
    I know from experience that bees are harmless compared to wasps.
    I’ve been bitten by a wasp several times unfortunately and it is very painful. It even turned out I’m allergic and I had to rush to the nearest hospital for a shot of some sort of an antidot.
    I never knew that cooked ham helps against wasps. I hope that I won’t be forced to use this method but in any case, thank you! 🙂

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