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What’s Polarized Sunglasses

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Impressing women should not be the main reason for wearing sun-glasses.

Though we understand that pilot-glasses or policemen-glasses in particular lift up the appearance of men tremendously. And of course we follow the emblem “designer eyeglass frames men”! 🙂
So what’s polarized sunglasses for?

What comes into our (men’s) mind – just wear pilot-glasses and women will follow you just like a swarm of flies. But remember – there are other reasons why flies follow something or someone. 🙂

Or let’s remember Keanu Reeves in “Matrix” or Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in “Men in Black”. All of them really set a trend in how sun-glasses should look like.

On the other hand we sadly must admit that attraction is not only given by sun-glasses. Unfortunately we cannot hide our belly behind glasses 🙂

Whats Polarized Sunglasses - Outdoor)

Sun-glasses also do not protect from the beauty of women. So be aware! Sun is our topic! 🙂 So we should bear in mind that we are looking for the best polarized sunglasses. And for good sunglasses brands of course.

So better let’s talk about benefits of sun-glasses and how they can protect our eyes.
(And besides we can also look for an emblem saying “Designer Eyeglasses Frames Women”! 🙂 )

Some of us maybe also be looking for “Discount Designer Eyeglass Frames” 🙂

What’s polarized eyeglasses?

True color of objects are distorted by glare therefore makes them harder to distinguish. Specialized eyewear – in this case polarized sunglasses – are designed to reduce such glare for example from surfaces like glass, water, snow a.s.o.

Eye protection – features of good sunglasses

Due to the climate change sunlight may also become more intensive. Direct sunlight is harmful not only to the skin but also has negative impact on eyesight. That’s why it is very important to wear sunglasses on sunny days and in all outdoor activities. Inadequate eye protection from UV rays can cause corneal inflammation and lens damage which is both, harmful and not really attractive.

Furthermore, the blue portion of the white light, so to say the visible range, can cause damage of the retina and therefore the point of the sharpest vision. We will not notice the damage immediately. Sometimes years can pass by before we realize that something is wrong with your eyes.
UV protection is a very important issue as well. We should take care that sunglasses provide this feature as well.

What can happen without eye protection?

If you dispense with sunglasses, and thus eye protection, it may lead to the manifestation or intensification of lens opacification. This creates the so-called cataract. If the retina is damaged as a result of excessive UV radiation, macular degeneration, i.e. age blindness, can occur.

What's Polarized Sunglasses MenWhat to look for when buying glasses

When buying sunglasses, UV protection is the most important argument. The standard of UV-380 is not sufficient to protect our eyes against UV radiation. Unfortunately, dark tint of glasses is not enough, neither – tint does not mean that UV protection is provided as well!

A proper pair of glasses should be labeled with 400nm or UV-400 protection. UV-400 means that all dangerous waves in the ultraviolet range are filtered through the glasses. Both, protecting from UV-A, and UV-B radiation. Ideally, sunglasses should also have the CE label which complies with UV protection requirements. High-quality and matching sunglasses can be found here.

Other features to recognize good sunglasses

1. Blue Filters:

An additional blue filter, also known as blue blocker, is not standardized. The blue light damages the eye’s inner part, more precisely, the retina. Remedy is given with proper sunglasses with appropriate tint which render blue light harmless. In this way you prevent old-age blindness.

2. Antiglare categories (polarized sunglasses):

Sunglasses should comply with the glare protection category 2 in any case. The anti-glare category indicates how much sunlight is being filtered. I recommend category 3 when staying in the south (beach holidays). Category 4 is indispensable on glaciers and on high mountains.

3. Lens color:

For motorists is best suited the color gray, which is color-neutral and does not distort the environment. Brown and green shades, on the other hand, are slightly color-distorting.

4. Stray light:

Make sure that your eyes are protected as much as possible. If glasses are too small and clips are too narrow, too much light can reach the unprotected eye, namely up to 60 percent.

What's Polarized Sunglasses Women Sunglasses for eye protection

Again, bright sunlight is harmful to the eye – long-term consequences like “cataracts” and old-age blindness can emerge. Degradation of the ozone layer increases the dangerous ultraviolet radiation.

Proper eye protection is therefore very important because our eyes remember every single ray of sunshine. According to experts high quality sunglasses are not an unnecessary toy, but above all a must for children.



There are good reasons not to expose your eyes to intense sunlight, especially in summer months at the seaside and on mountains. “In very strong light, we are often blinded despite built-in protective mechanisms of the eye, but this is often ignored by children,” the expert says. By an excess of sunlight, the conjunctiva or even the cornea can inflame – snow blindness can be the acute consequence.


What's Polarized Sunglasses ChildrenChildren are particularly at risk from UV radiation

Especially children’s eyes are particularly sensitive, since the self-protection is not yet fully developed and light rays reach the retina unimpeded. The retina is particularly rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which from free radicals in case of intense light. Therefore, the retina is exposed to “oxidative stress”.

The human retina has got many protective factors but they that can also be overstressed. E.g. reading in the blazing sun is not advisable, because the sunlight reflected from the white paper is always focused on a small spot in the eye.

Damage to the lens and retina
Permanent damage to the lens and retina that impair vision is painless and will not be noticeable for years. The sequelae lead to cataract, or macular degeneration, a retinal disease damaging the spot of the sharpest vision.

It is the leading cause of blindness in old age. However, sunglasses should not be worn permanently and in interiors, inter alia, to avoid persistent glare sensitivity of the eyes.

Better quality sunglasses
Because it is so important: Only sunglasses with high quality lenses that completely absorb dangerous ultraviolet rays effectively protect the eye! A lens with strong tint only is dangerous on the other hand.

Thus, the human pupil expands spontaneously due to the obscuration. “If the right filter in the blue light and ultraviolet light wavelength range is missing here, even more harmful light is transmitted to the lens and retina,” the expert warns.


When buying sunglasses, therefore, pay attention to quality:

• Quality features are showing an “UV-400” mark and a “CE” mark.

• Good glasses do not have faults like air bubbles, picture the environment undistorted and are scratch resistant.

• Yellow and green glasses falsify colors and particularly signal-colors are not perceived well. On the other hand, brown or gray tint is ideal.

• Large glasses protect against side light.

Children’s glasses should have plastic lenses

Since glass splinters at break and increases the risk of injury, children should wear sunglasses made from plastic. These glasses also offer protection against possible “mechanical” accidents.

In addition to an effective UV filter, a good pair of children’s sunglasses offers side protection against the scattered radiation from reflective surfaces. “Ideally, parents should consult the ophthalmologist to adjust the glasses and have the lenses tested for UV protection,” the expert advises.

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If you do have any questions or suggestions (maybe about some tricks you know) please don’t hesitate to write a comment about! Let me know it!

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