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Workplace Safety Tips For Employees

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Policies and best practices guidelines do not guarantee that workplace safety already do exist. It is necessary that both, management and workers implement also their workplace safety ideas so that a safe working environment is based on solid ground. It’s also important to discuss and communicate about workplace health and safety tips. 
It is important to encourage employees to discover and identify dangerous situations and unsafe behaviors. Usually the worker at his workplace knows best what is dangerous during daily routine tasks.
Here are some workplaces safety ideas that can help every worker. The more if there is a culture of shared responsibility. Employees should also take part in a common accident discussion so that everyone takes advantage of new ideas.

1) Your Surrounding Is Important!

Be aware of potential hazardous situations especially if you work with machines. It’s also important to keep in mind that there can be hazardous areas which you don’t be aware any more because of daily routine handling. We all know that daily routine can turn into dangerous moments because our thoughts are somewhere else. 
Maybe with the family. In particular if there are some problems with the partner or the children. In this case concentration to our work decrease dramatically. But there are certainly many different possibilities that can distract us from working in a concentrated way.

2) Take Breaks In Regular Intervals

BreaktimeThere are a lot of work-related injuries due to the fact that the worker is tired – or not alert to his environment – or burned out – or simply ill. Therefore it is very important to take regular breaks that help you stay fresh and alert with your tasks. One good workplace health & safety tip is to arrange the most difficult tasks in the morning. Or whenever your concentration is best. 
If you have a forward-looking boss then you may even make one or some power napping breaks. Studies show that power napping is a good method to recover very quick.

3) Workplace Stress Should Be Reduced

If you have too much stress at work than you are endangered by concentration problems and depression. Conflicts with coworkers or managers, heavy workload, long hours, mobbing or job insecurity may cause stress as we all know.
In this case it is very important to talk to someone you trust. Basically it should be your supervisor. He should be able to help you in such situation. Good relationships with your colleagues are a good basis to create a balanced atmosphere.
And don’t think you can diminish your stress by the help of alcohol or drugs. You just decrease your ability to make proper judgment. Your motor control, your concentration and your coordination will be severely impaired. And consider that around three percent of workspace accidents are due to impaired condition.

4) Unsafe Conditions Should be Reported Immediately

If you notice any workplace safety hazards or dangerous situations the supervisor needs to be informed as soon as possible. Supervisors are legally obliged to provide a safe working environment to their employees. They will take responsibility and change unsafe conditions. Firefighters
No matter how nondescript the situation may appear to you. It’s better to report than having an accident. If you have an workplace safety idea by yourself then tell it to your supervisor. You are the one who should know best what to do because you are the specialist – you are the professional.

5) Whenever Possible Use Mechanical Aids

You might be faced with situations where you lift something that’s really heavy just to save a few minutes or even seconds. But that can have dramatically consequences. Think of your back – think of your spinal column – think of your vertebra. Is it really worth to damage it just for saving a little time? Think twice and use a conveyor belt, a wheelbarrow, forklift or crank. To lift something that weighs too much includes so many injury risks. That’s not worth it. 
Think also on your family and the time spending with them you would loose.

6) Maybe The Most Important Workplace Health Safty Tip:
       – Always Use The Appropriate Equipment!

For a task you must always wear correct safety equipment. Otherwise you may get injured. And many people don’t take it as serious as it should be. No matter if you are at your workspace or at home. There are also a lot of common accidents at home. Or course it depends on the task you are working on. But equipment like safety shoes, safety goggles, gloves, hard hats, earplugs, earmuffs of even a full-face mask may reduce the risk of an injury dramatically.
Business Owners, facility managers and supervisors should always take care that their employees are onboard regarding workplace safety efforts. Workers should take part and be active members in a workplace safety idea process. Injury statistics and workplace risks should be made public and be shared. This could be done on a daily basis. Or at least weekly – depending on the dangerousness of the jobs.
There could also be a kind of reward for showing  good workplace safety behavior. Simple incentives can really make a big difference. Also in finding new workplace health safety tips or even daily workplace safety tips. 

Workplace Safety Is So Important

Sometimes workplace safety in not taken serious. Apathy and money seem to be the reasons. According to OSHA there were 4,679 workers killed and almost 2 million injured on the job during the same time period. Awareness and serious safety training can help reduce injuries and save lives.
Both employer and employee should be interested in decreasing accidents. Apart of personal consequences financial losses and property damage can be reduced. 
The positive aspects of accurate safety education and training are increasing productivity of the workers, the quality and service of the product improves as in the same time public relations and corporate reputation goes higher.
And from that point on the employee is no longer just a number. He is a real person who is involved in improvement processes who can really make a difference.
Enforcing workplace safety as well as workplace safety ideas lead to a win-win situation for everyone!

If you do have any questions or suggestions (maybe about some tricks you know) please don’t hesitate to write a comment about! Let me know it!
I love to hear about “special tricks” how to fix something or so… sometimes they are really helpful but in any case mostly funny! 🙂


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